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Published Jan 11, 21
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Keep in mind: If you're shipping your artwork, you may want to speak to the provider you're preparing to use. Different sizes can feature really different rates. (Even a couple inches can make a big distinction!) Speak to them up front to make sure your Do It Yourself option remains on budget. There are two things you need to learn about mirror/picture boxes: Pre-sized boxes Readily available in numerous sizes, with measurements sized specifically to accommodate mirrors and framed art.

Four-piece boxes These boxes are comprised of 4, overlapping pieces that are taped together to create a custom-sized box. When choosing a box, select one that will give you 1-2 inches around the edges of your piece, possibly a little bit more if the product is especially vulnerable. Once again, if you're shipping your pieces, speak to your carrier to assist you price out your shipment.

That begins by wrapping it, and what you cover it with will depend upon precisely what you're loading. Art work that's not behind glass: Particularly if this item is a collector's piece, you'll wish to make certain that anything that enters into contact with the surface area of your artwork is archival quality - picture frame boxes.

How Picture Frame Boxes can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

You may think about securing it to the frame (if there is one) with painter's tape. Glass-Framed Art work: With these kinds of pieces, your greatest concern is protecting the art in case the glass breaks throughout transit. One of the very best methods to do this is to tape the glass with painter's tape.

Then, overlay that X with another one, forming a star pattern. That way, if the glass occurs to shatter, the tape will prevent the glass fragments from damaging the art. Then, cover the entire piece in stretch wrap. If there is any damage, it will be included by the stretch wrap, and it will be easier to clean up on the other end.

boxes pictureboxes pictures

Tape the mirrored surface area, then wrap in stretch wrap - boxes pictures. To provide your vulnerable item a little more protection, we're going to provide it one more layer of cardboard inside its box. Now, depending on how concerned you have to do with securing your art work or mirror, you can invest a lot of energy and time on this step.

What Does Picture Frame Moving Boxes Do?

Great: Put 4 corner protectors over the stretch wrap and call it a day. This is probably best for a piece that's less delicate, such as an unframed canvas that has some emotional worth but perhaps not as much monetary value. Better: Make a cardboard sandwich. Grab two cardboard pads, and cut two pieces of "bread" that overhang your piece on all edges by 1-2.

picture frame moving boxespicture frame boxes

Best: Go the extra mile and make a mini-box out of the cardboard pads. You may believe of it as covering your piece of artwork like an enchilada. Nevertheless, unlike a tortilla, corrugated cardboard doesn't bend as easily. So what you'll want to do is put your art work on the cardboard pad and score the cardboard so it folds nicely around your piece.

This method will include some measuring, some math, and a great deal of patience, however you'll ultimately wind up with an art piece that's got cardboard twisted around it 360 degrees. Protect the "tortilla" with tape. When it comes to the open top and bottom, pinch the cardboard together at one end and protect it with tape.

The Buzz on Picture Frame Moving Boxes

Then, time out and appreciate your work with the knowledge that you've provided your artwork or mirror a strong layer of protection for its journey. Now, you're going to take that entire package and cover it again in bubble wrap. At this point, you'll wish to eyeball your piece against your selected box and check the fit.

It allows items to shift inside, and it also can weaken the integrity of package, leaving it vulnerable to squashing. Wherever it looks like you might have space, set aside some extra bubble wrap to fill those gaps. Move the entire cool plan you've produced into your selected box.

Do not forget to identify your box clearly so you understand precisely what's what on the other end. Finally, indulge in the fulfillment of a job well done, and move on to the next piece that deserves your attention. Now that you understand the ins and outs of custom-made crating and Do It Yourself packaging for your art work, frames, and mirrors, you've got all the knowledge you need to secure these products throughout your move, whether you're headed throughout the Pacific Ocean, throughout the country, or across town.

Picture Frame Moving Boxes Can Be Fun For Everyone

If you wish to talk to one of our specialists about moving your delicate artwork or mirrors, just reach out. We have actually moved a lot of delicate products from Hawaii to the mainland and back once again, and we 'd enjoy to assist you. Set up a totally free assessment with one of our specialists to begin.

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